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Recovery Residences

Our Recovery Residences (Sober Living Residences) are at the core of everything we do at Lighthouse. We believe in creating spaces that foster growth, community, and connection. We provide the foundation and programming for those looking to achieve long-term and sustained sobriety. Our complexes offer a tailored balance of freedom and flexibility alongside structure and support. Our residence programs start at $3,150 per month. For more information regarding our Recovery Residences, please contact us.




What should you expect during a stay at a Lighthouse Recovery Residence?

  • Community-focused approach

  • Clean, well-designed spaces

  • Variety of amenities and activities

  • Low staff-to-client ratio

  • 24hr house manager always on-site


Our residents are asked to commit to a minimum 3-month stay and most stay for longer periods. We begin with an extensive screening and assessment interviews prior to our residents being accepted, after which residents are assigned a house manager for the duration of their stay. Residents should expect to be active members within the recovery community, adhere to policies and guidelines, and maintain intention and focus toward their recovery.


What on-site services are provided at a Lighthouse Residence?

  • Weekly house meetings

  • Random drug-test administration

  • Guest speakers

  • Life skills training

  • Dedicated Case Managers

  • Outpatient coordination