Recovery happens inside.


 Lighthouse provides addiction aftercare programming through a network of Texas-based Recovery Residences (Sober Living Environments).

We believe in an addiction treatment model that is holistic and community-based. Through our programming, design, and services, we offer best-in-class aftercare that gives our residents a foundation for sustained sobriety. 

Our teams have worked at length with residents across numerous backgrounds to provide an environment and experience that is conducive to both personal and spiritual growth. 


Founding Members and Staff

Michael Jones, Co-Founder & Senior Director

Michael Jones has been a part of the Dallas Recovery Community since 2008. Starting his career as an assistant residential manager, Michael quickly advanced to residential manager and then managing director within his first year of employment. Having established relationships and worked closely with nearly all the rehabilitation centers in Texas as well as numerous others from around the country, Mike has been able to effectively change the way recovery is viewed in the eyes of both the addict and their loved ones.


Ryan Dee, Assistant Director

Ryan Dee earned his degree in Political Science with a Minor in History from Georgia State University. Ryan then worked as a political consultant in Atlanta, GA before transferring to a Sober Living Facility in Dallas, TX, after a struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Inspired by his own recovery and from those around him, Ryan decided to become a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist and Recovery Coach. As the Lighthouse Assistant Director, Ryan works closely with our residents, and with the executive team to constantly better the Lighthouse program.


Robert Tobolowsky , Co-Founder, Director of Real Estate

Having graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Economics with Financial Applications, Tobolowsky began his professional career at PegasusAblon, Commercial Real Estate investment and development company in Dallas, TX. As the third employee, Tobolowsky analyzed office, multifamily and retail acquisitions while the company grew to employ over forty professionals and managed $500M+ in assets. Tobolowsky then moved to Powder Mountain, UT in late 2012 to join Summit Series. Within his role on the development team, Tobolowsky coordinated acquisition financing and contributed to the planning and design of the community. In January of 2014, Tobolowsky co-founded Coalition, an investment and operations firm, as a Managing Partner overseeing operations and finance strategy. Tobolowsky is responsible for consulting on the financial and real estate aspects of Lighthouse. 

John Bowden, Co-Founder & President

John graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Economics with Financial Applications and a minor in Art History. He began his professional career in Texas creating marketing platforms for a variety of real estate, oil and gas, and technology companies. In June of 2014, Bowden co-founded Coalition, an investment and advisory firm, overseeing strategic growth. Bowden works closely with the Lighthouse team to develop marketing, strategy, and programming platforms. Bowden has been sober since 2009. 


Alex Stoclet, Director of Community Design

Alex Stoclet graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2012 with degrees in Psychology and Foreign Languages. He has an extensive international background having grown up in the US, Tunisia, Morocco, Argentina, the UK and the UAE. Both during and after college, Stoclet has worked at firms specializing in marketing, social community projects, and investment banking. Stoclet brings his passion for people and community to Lighthouse as Director of Community Design where he will focuses on client experience.


Charles Manning, Operations Consultant

Manning graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Finance. He began his career with Stratford Land, a Dallas-based institutional land investment and development company where he was part of a two-man team that led all acquisition, development and entitlement activities for investments in Texas. In 2014, Manning left Stratford Land to co-found Clear Water Resources, a waste recycling company, as Vice President. Since joining Clear Water, the company has grown to employ 30 employees and deployed its patent-pending systems on customer locations across Texas. Manning is responsible for consulting on the financial and operational aspects of Lighthouse.